How to Use AI for Your Immigration Law Firm

Immigration lawyers can improve their workflows with AI tools. Here’s how Noodle can help.

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As an immigration lawyer, you know there are many steps between an intake and the final adjudication of a case. This can mean scheduling meetings with clients, writing declarations, completing government forms and collecting and evaluating evidence.

While immigration attorneys complete life-changing work, there are tedious tasks along the way, and being organized throughout the entire process is necessary. Luckily, artificial intelligence (AI) offers solid solutions to immigration professionals that can save them time and money.

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AI in Immigration Practices

Recently, AI has emerged to help make the immigration process easier for both lawyers and paralegals. If you have an immigration firm, AI can save you time and money, and even allow you to expand your services. 

One tool for lawyers in the immigration field is Gen, a ChatGPT-like service that can enhance lawyers' work. The product, a collaboration between Vistalaw.AI and the American Immigration Lawyers Association, can help with research and summarization. 

There's also DraftyAI, which can create an asylum brief from a questionnaire. Immigration attorney Nadine Navarro has worked with software engineers to develop the tool. "We're not claiming to produce exactly the same thing a lawyer would do, but we believe it could save 80% of the time initially spent," Navarro told Bloomberg Law.

(And there's also Noodle, but more on that later.)

As AI becomes a bigger part of our lives, it is seeking to transform the way that immigration lawyers approach their work. 

Benefits of AI Tools for Immigration Lawyers

As a business owner, AI tools can offer you many benefits. Artificial intelligence can:

Remove Redundant Tasks

AI can help you fill out immigration paperwork and even give application updates to clients. Being able to automate repeatable tasks can save you invaluable time. 

Eliminate Human Error

As humans, we're prone to errors. Immigration forms, in particular, have many boxes to check and questions to answer. One missed click or typo can easily affect your case. AI can eliminate the risk of error, which can enhance the client experience. 

Keep You Organized

When it comes to immigration cases, there are long processing times—it can take months, sometimes even years, to resolve a case. As you take on new clients and wait to close out cases, AI can keep you organized so you don't miss any deadlines. 

Save You Money

Automating tasks that lawyers, paralegals or other legal professionals take on can save money. For example, instead of having someone focus on scheduling meetings with clients, you can have them focus on other tasks that help cases move along. Or if you are starting a new firm, you can eliminate this role.

Allow You to Take on More Cases

If you can complete more work in a shorter amount of time, then you can take on more cases. This can help your immigration practice grow. 

Noodle's AI Tools for Immigration Firms

Noodle has a wide range of tools to help immigration firms. Learn more below: 

Workflow Automation From Beginning to End

Noodle's AI helps immigration firms automate their workflows from beginning to end, including help with questionnaires and immigration forms. It's like an assistant every step of the way, which is helpful for such a long process. 

Form and Document Management

Our AI tools can request and process immigration forms, including LCA, H1-B petitions, DS-160/260, employer forms and more. As it also keeps track of progress and monitors what forms are missing information or have mistakes, you can feel secure that you are filing forms when you should and eliminating errors in the process. And when there's progress with these forms, our AI tool can also send reminders and confirmations. 

Invoice Generation

Running a business means you might have to chase down payments. Noodle takes that task out of your hands. You can set up your account to request payment after you complete specific actions, and with auto follow-ups, you don't have to spend extra time worrying about getting paid.

Noodle will also prompt your clients to pay through a secure payment portal, which allows them to pay as they wish. 

AI Paralegal Client Support

Immigration questions happen at any time of the day. With Noodle's AI Paralegal feature, your company is available 24/7 through chat. The chat possesses specialized knowledge of immigration law and your business, so it can redirect clients accordingly.

The chat support means your firm is open for business for longer hours. It can prompt users to set up a consultation with you or help them decide why they should book you. 

CRM Management

It is not rare to juggle several clients at once as an immigration attorney. Noodle's CRM management helps you keep growing your client list by capturing new leads, but it can also engage with existing leads and follow up with your clients. 

An immigration case can make your clients feel antsy when they don't receive enough information, and Noodle can help you communicate back and forth with clients and give them updates. 

Appointment Scheduling

Share your calendar and give clients the ability to book you based on your availability. Noodle's appointment scheduling also sends out confirmations and reminders so you don't have to follow up with clients ahead of meetings. 

Collaboration Tools

In one central location, you can find every single part of a client's case. Not only does this keep you organized, but it also allows you to collaborate with others. Assign a paralegal a task or ask your clients for more information about their cases. The activity feed updates automatically, so everyone is up to date on the case. 

Frequently Asked Question: AI for Immigration Law

How can AI help with immigration cases?

AI is a helpful tool for immigration firms, especially if you are a solopreneur. Noodle, for example, can help with document management, appointment scheduling and invoice generation, to name a few.

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