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Noodle gives you the tools you need to attract, engage and keep your clients. Get started today for free.

Hello World!

Noodle is the one link to run and grow your business.

A simple, customizable url with options for your customers to book or schedule 1:1 In-Person, Live Video or Chat sessions with you. It allows any soloworker to quickly scale their services business business, both offline and online, with a few powerful features:

One Link: with the ability to easily engage with your customers and monetize all your offerings in one place

Broadcasts: a way to re-engage with current and past customers via video, audio or image based messages

Chat: a way to sell 1:1 video chat as a service to customers that cannot attend in-person

“Non-employer” businesses have grown from 15M in 1997 to 25M in 2017, expected to be 35M by 2025 in the US alone. This is a massive growing market worldwide; “sole-traders' “ in the UK, Europe and Australia and “nano” businesses in Asia. They do not have a simple hub for selling their services nor do they use a complicated CRM or put up fancy websites with integrations. Square isn’t for them. Most of these businesses need help with customer loops and marketing funnels for which they do not use tools like klaviyo or mailchimp - those are too complex for them and require inspiration, although they are creative, they rarely have blocks of time available to focus on marketing. Noodle helps them create simple messages in videos, audio and images and makes them look professional very quickly. You go from disparate purchase carts, paypal and forms at best to having a full featured customer engagement & monetization platform on one link.  

Noodle charges a 15% fee for  Noodle messaging based subscriptions plus a tiered SaaS fee. In-Person & Live Video scheduling is free in our Starter tier. We recently came out of closed beta and are onboarding new businesses and iterating on the product at a great pace to make sure it works great for your needs.

We have coaching businesses in Golf, Basketball, Tennis, Pickleball live and scaling using Noodle.

Service businesses like physiotherapists, massage practitioners, yoga professionals are using Noodle to simplify booking, scheduling and billing. They're also using the  marketing features which are integrated into Noodle to broadcast relevant messages via video, audio and images to their client base easily, creating a customer engagement loop to bring old customers back to their noodle and easily sell them new services.  

We’re adding Noodle shops in categories like music, life coaches, interior design, physiotherapy and business consulting. We also have IRL shops that use Noodle to connect and monetize their customer base.

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Noodle is a small team of engineers, designers and product managers working entirely remotely from the Ukraine, Greece, England and the US. If you've been thinking of something similar or in this space - we'd love to hear from you - simply email us a note describing what you were thinking and how it could work within the Noodle platform and we'll get right in touch: dev@noodle.shop

As we come out of closed beta and publicly launch Noodle, we'd like to thank our early investors that have supported us from initial idea to going live: