How Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Save Precious Time

Get some time back with Noodle’s help.

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The Modern Law Firm series delves into how AI can streamline your law firm — whether it’s by saving you time and money, eliminating mistakes and redundancies or making your workflow more efficient. 

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“Time is money” is a widely used aphorism — and there’s good reason for that. As the phrase indicates, time is a valuable resource and you do not want to waste it. As a bankruptcy lawyer, you may have what feels like a pile of responsibilities for you and your team to get through. But there are ready-made solutions available that can take these tasks off your plates. 

Read on to learn how bankruptcy lawyers can save precious time. 

Bankruptcy Lawyers and Time

Depending on the type of bankruptcy filing, it can take years for a case to close. As lawyers help their clients navigate that system, they’ll attend meetings, request documents, review information, file cases and more. There are a lot of moving parts, especially as lawyers tackle several cases at once, that are necessary to file cases properly. 

This means that extra tasks that make your clients feel supported — like contacting them when you have new information — can cut in on duties that you have to carry out. But you don’t have to choose between completing steps for your cases and giving your clients extra attention. You can do both with the right system in place. 

How to Save Time as a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Here are a few things you can do to save you some time:

Intake Questionnaires

Intakes are often the first step of working with a client. It gives lawyers the necessary information so they can chart the right course of action. With Noodle, you can automate the intake process. Noodle AI will automatically send the questionnaires and prompt clients to fill out these forms, which they can do conveniently right from their phones. This cuts down on needing to meet with a client to kick off the process. 

Client Contracts and Onboarding 

If you decide to work with a client, Noodle can send a contract and then onboard them. While this may not seem like a time-consuming process, it can add up as you work with several clients. Noodle can handle it for you, all while helping you and your team stay organized in the long run. 

Case Initiation

Bankruptcy attorneys can empower their clients to initiate their cases. Not only will it allow clients to move on their own time, but it also means that it’s one less thing you and your team need to worry about. 

Document Requests

Throughout the process, you will likely need to reach out to clients to ask for more information and documents. While working on the Noodle platform, you can assign tasks to your clients and the rest of your team, so you won’t have to send them an email or call them to ask them for these documents. 

Filing Updates

If you or someone on your team makes a change to a filing on Noodle, your clients will receive a notification. This gives your clients real-time updates, which will help them feel that you are making progress on their case without encroaching on your time. 

Invoice Follow-Ups 

As you and your team expend your energy on representing clients, you can forget about having to follow up on payment. Noodle AI can reach out and send reminders, which gives you time to spend on other pressing matters.

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