How to Automate Your Chapters 7 & 13 Casework

Noodle's tools can make workflows more efficient for bankruptcy firms.

The Modern Law Firm series delves into how AI can streamline your law firm — whether it’s by saving you time and money, eliminating mistakes and redundancies or making your workflow more efficient. 

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The process of filing for bankruptcy can be inefficient. As LexisNexis notes, manual access of a docket or multiple searches for different events can “be a tedious and costly process.” 

Artificial intelligence can cut down on the need to do manual tasks, which can save time and money. But it doesn’t stop at just that. Automation can also decrease the number of errors and give your clients a better overview of their cases.

Noodle has AI tools that can you file and complete Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases, allowing you to take on more work while retaining your same high-quality service. 

5 Parts of Your Bankruptcy Cases Noodle AI Can Take On

Noodle can handle the delivery, follow-up and completion of several administrative tasks associated with Chapters 7 and 13 casework, including:

Customer Retainer Agreements 

A customer retainer agreement is a breakdown of how the lawyer-client relationship will work. It details the responsibilities of each party. When you agree to represent a client, Noodle can send clients a retainer agreement to kick off the process. Clients can inform their form whenever they are ready. 

Client Intake Questionnaire

Client intake questionnaires give you all the information you need to start representing your client. From information on assets to taxes, this gives you a better understanding of how to help your client. This information is also useful for other forms you’ll fill out. Noodle can send these questionnaires and then follow-up to ensure they don’t forget to fill out the form, which is much simpler than having someone look into the case and then reaching out to a client to nudge them to complete it. AI can do it consistently in seconds. 

Green Sheets Questionnaire 

A green sheets questionnaire collects answers about a business’ finances. It requires profit and loss statements, business bank statements, a completed business budget and more. Noodle AI can note what information is missing. 

Credit Report Document Upload

A credit report is one of the main components of a case, so clients will need to file this. With Noodle, they can download their report to their device and upload it to Noodle, which supports many different types of devices including their cell phones. 

Client Document Checklist

A client document checklist ensures that you’re not missing any information, such as tax returns, mortgage statements, titles, and more. Thanks to Noodle’s portal, your client will also have a keen understanding of what you need from them to file their application. Not only is it clear, but we also break down steps in to smaller more manageable actions to avoid overwhelming a client. 

​Other Ways Noodle Supports Your Bankruptcy Firm

Noodle’s tools go beyond helping a bankruptcy firm put together their cases; they support you throughout the entire process and give clients peace of mind.

24/7 Chat Support 

If your client has a question in the middle of the night, they likely won’t get a response until the next business day. However, with Noodle, clients can send a message whenever and get answers from Noodle’s chat assistant, which can provide general information to your clients. 

Automatic Updates 

Noodle provides automatic updates when there’s progress on a case. This keeps everyone on the same page, and it helps your clients see what changes took place since they last looked at their application. This would be a difficult task for a person to accomplish because they’d have to parse through several clients’ cases. 

Scheduling appointments 

If your clients need to meet face-to-face, they can make their own appointments on Noodle. Based off of your calendar, your clients can pick days that also work for them—you can say goodbye to the “what time works best for you” emails. 

Invoice Reminders

Getting paid is part of running your business. Noodle can automatically send invoices to clients and then remind them to pay it if they haven’t by a certain period.

Superpower Your Firm

Noodle has AI tools specifically meant to help lawyers save time and money and drive a better customer experience. Reach out today to take advantage of Noodle’s form and document management, invoice generator and 24/7 client support.