How to Attract Immigration Clients

Looking to grow your immigration firm? Here are a few ways to increase leads.

How to Attract Immigration Clients

Running an immigration law firm requires finding new clients. Immigration attorneys offer specialized legal services to foreign nationals who need help with different types of immigration cases.

Read on to learn how to attract immigration clients to your firm. 

What Are Immigrants Looking For in Immigration Firms?

When it comes to immigration matters, potential clients are looking for a firm that provides more than just support. They are looking for: 


Working with experienced lawyers who can take on different types of immigration cases makes clients feel comfortable that an attorney can resolve their immigration issues. 

Fluency in Different Languages

Immigrants do not always speak English, so it's helpful to learn the language that immigrants in your area speak. For example, if you are a solopreneur who practices in Los Angeles, speaking Spanish will be useful. In contrast, in the Bay Area, speaking Tagalog can give you a leg up.

However, access to interpretation and translation services can also help you communicate with clients and serve their needs.


Whether it's weekend services or the ability to easily book an appointment with an immigration firm, prospective clients want their lawyers to be available. While firms should be mindful to set boundaries, it's also important to show your client base that you are there for them.

How Do Immigration Lawyers Get Clients?

Here are a few ways immigration lawyers get clients:


This is a reliable method. You can launch an advertising campaign — whether that's a newspaper ad, a bench ad or even fliers in community spaces — to help you attract clients. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One way clients will look for an immigration lawyer is by searching on Google and other search engines. This makes having a strong SEO strategy important. Create content, like articles for your blog, that targets long-tail keywords, which are very specific relevant keywords that are longer and have less competition than short-tail keywords.

For example, if you live in Miami, you can target the keyword "immigration lawyer Miami Florida" versus "immigration lawyer." The former is much more specific and will have less competition because not every lawyer operates out of Miami. 

Word of Mouth

Immigrant communities can be tight-knit, so if they have a positive experience with an immigration lawyer, they will likely recommend that professional to their friends and family. 

Social Media Platforms

Social media channels are powerful, so having an active presence on different platforms can prove fruitful. Spaces like Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) allow you to show your extensive experience, what immigration services you offer and your team. 

6 Ways to Increase Leads for Your Immigration Firm

Here are a few things you can try to help you increase leads: 

1. Create a website

An online presence can bring you new clients. Create a professional website so that you can target keywords that are very relevant to you. For example, if you specialize in asylum cases and work in New York, you can create content, like a blog post, around the term "asylum lawyer New York" to help you attract new clients. 

Noodle One-Link is a sleek interface that can replace a traditional website.

2. Be Clear About Your Services

To avoid wasting anyone's time, provide a clear list of the services you offer. You can use Noodle's One-Link to specify what your firm does. 

3. Make Scheduling Easier

Immigration cases can take a long time to resolve, but that doesn't mean clients should have a difficult time trying to book you. With Noodle, clients can book your services quickly and easily. You provide your availability and potential clients choose a time that works with their schedules. 

4. Offer Free Consultations

Free consultations can set you apart from your competitors because it's a low-pressure way for prospective clients to learn whether you are the right firm to represent them. 

5. Create Digital Content

Whether you choose a webinar, a handy one-sheeter or a short video introducing yourself and your immigration law firm, digital content can give clients an idea of who you are and what you do. You can use Noodle's Byte feature to offer videos, audio, texts, PDFs and more. 

6. Work With Local Organizations

Get to know other practitioners in your area. Interacting with other attorneys, through things like networking events or email listservs, can result in referrals from other professionals who know their clients are safe in your hands. 

FAQs: Immigration Clients

How should I market my immigration practice?

There are many digital marketing strategies you can try to market your immigration practice. You can create a strong online presence through your website, write SEO content on a blog, post on social media and offer digital content. 

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