How to Scale Your Bankruptcy Firm With Noodle

Scaling your law firm can be a challenge. Here's how AI can help you.

The Modern Law Firm series delves into how AI can streamline your law firm — whether it’s by saving you time and money, eliminating mistakes and redundancies or making your workflow more efficient. 

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Successfully scaling your law firm can mean increased profits and making a bigger impact in your field. However, getting to that point can be a challenge. Scaling your firm is something you must handle with great care—if not, you risk your business becoming unsustainable. 

One thing business owners must consider is whether there is a demand in the market. For bankruptcy firms, the answer is yes. According to the United States Courts, the total number of bankruptcy filings rose 13% from September 2022 to September 2023. 

However, it’s not the only thing to keep in mind. Read on to learn what bankruptcy firms must take into account when deciding to scale their business and how Noodle can help.

4 Things to Consider When Expanding Your Bankruptcy Firm

Before you start growing your bankruptcy law firm, take the time to evaluate these parts of your business: 

1. Long-term Goals

Before you start the process of scaling, you should define your long-term goals so that you grow your business with purpose. Your goals can and will likely change, but it is still necessary to know how you expect to grow over the next years so you can create a roadmap. 

2. Current Operations

Gauge your current operations and think about where you can eliminate redundancies or make systems more efficient. It’s your opportunity to make your business work better for you and to find solutions that are not just effective where you are at the moment but can carry you into the future, too. 

3. Specialization 

As a bankruptcy firm, there are many areas on which you can focus. While you can provide service in several types of bankruptcy law, you can also specialize in a few of them and become known as an expert in that area. It’s a productive way to market your business. 

4. Keep Your Clients in Mind

Growing your business quickly won’t matter if you do not prioritize your clients. They are, after all, at the core of your law practice. If you do not have a system in place where you can continue to provide the best support to your clients, you will have a hard time keeping them as clients.

Handle Your Case Busywork With AI
Built for bankruptcy practices Noodle, automates away the repetitive admin work while you focus on the important stuff.

How to Scale Your Business With Noodle

Noodle’s suite of tools can help you grow your business in a sustainable way. Here’s how:

Add More Case Workers or Paralegals Without Extra Cost

Tools can become more expensive as you grow your business, which cuts into your bottom line. Noodle allows you to add more paralegals or case works to the platform without charging you an extra cost.

Work on More Cases Without an Additional Cost

You can also handle hundreds of cases without incurring an extra cost. This gives you more budget to use on other areas of your business.

Gain More Billable Hours

There are a lot of monotonous tasks that you, a paralegal or legal professional must complete to make progress on a case. However, it doesn’t mean it has to fall onto any of you. Noodle’s AI tools help you eliminate work so you can focus on other areas of your practice. For example, Noodle AI can:

  • Help with client intakes and onboarding: These are incredibly important steps in the process. It helps you learn more about your clients and once you decide whether you can represent someone, you need to add them to your system and ensure you have all their details in place. Without properly conducting intakes and then onboarding your clients, you won’t start off on the right food. You can automate these two steps with Noodle. 
  • Share attorney-client agreement: Noodle can automatically share attorney-client agreements with custom terms and conditions when you agree to take on a case. 
  • Create and keep track of invoices: Getting paid is an important part of running your business. Noodle can create invoices for clients, and it can also regularly follow up with your clients. 
  • Document checklists with mobile upload support: Noodle makes it easy for clients to understand what documents they need to upload to their accounts. With mobile support, they also have help to turn to in case any questions arise.
  • Follow-ups: Noodle AI can follow up on every task you assign, which means you and your team don’t have to spend extra time getting more information on each case.
Handle Your Case Busywork With AI
Built for bankruptcy practices Noodle, automates away the repetitive admin work while you focus on the important stuff.