Why Using AI Can Be a Marketing Selling Point for Your Law Firm

Using your marketing channels to talk about how your firm uses AI can help you attract clients.

Why Using AI Can Be a Marketing Selling Point for Your Law Firm

The Modern Law Firm series delves into how AI can streamline your law firm — whether it’s by saving you time and money, eliminating mistakes and redundancies or making your workflow more efficient. 

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Artificial intelligence is increasingly popular but not yet ubiquitous in the legal industry. This means if you’re a firm using AI, you should use that as a selling point in your marketing materials.

Read on to learn why this is a strategy you should implement.

The Benefits of AI for Your Law Firm

Artificial intelligence can transform the way your law firm operates. It brings several benefits, including: 

Removing Redundant Tasks

Complete the same tasks over and over again can get monotonous. AI can take on this task and complete it more efficiently than a human. Noodle AI, for example, can help you fill out immigration and bankruptcy forms. This can give you back invaluable time to focus on other areas. 

Eliminating Human Error

Regardless of how careful you are, you will eventually make a mistake. Immigration forms, in particular, have many boxes to check and questions to answer. One missed click or a typo can affect your case. AI can eliminate the risk of error.

Producing Results Quicker 

AI can parse through large amounts of information more quickly than a human can. This can help you zero in on the case law that can help with a case. Also, since AI can pull information from birth certificates, identification documents and more, you can put together applications more quickly. 

Keeping You Organized

As you take on new clients and wait to close out cases, AI can keep you organized so you don’t miss any deadlines.

Saving You Money 

Automating tasks that lawyers, paralegals or other legal professionals take on can save money. For example, instead of having someone focus on scheduling meetings with clients, you can have them focus on other tasks that help cases move along. Or if you are starting a new firm, you can eliminate this role.

Helping You Grow

For smaller firms, it can be difficult to take on as many cases. AI can help you get more work done quicker and more easily, which can help you add more cases to your workload without overwhelming yourself. 

How Using AI Can Help You Attract Clients

AI is more than just a tool that can help your law firm become more efficient; it can also help you attract clients. AI: 

1. Shows You Are Embracing Technology 

Using AI for your firm can help you stand out since this is not a standard practice across the legal industry. As a matter of fact, the American Bar Association found that 58.8% of the firms surveyed didn’t have enough information or didn’t know whether they wanted to incorporate AI tools into their workflows. This can show that you are a leader in your field and using the latest technologies.

2. Indicates Your Flexibility 

AI can enable you to work asynchronously, which can also attract busy clients. Explaining that you don’t have to be in the same room to complete a case can draw customers who can’t make it to your office on a weekday. 

3. Has Just As Many Benefits for Clients

From being able to pass down cost savings to your clients to working quicker, AI benefits clients, too. Showing how AI helps clients can also interest those who need your legal services. 

4. Provides Visibility Into Your Processes

Laying out how you use AI in your firm means you are being as transparent as possible, which can help you gain the trust of potential clients. 

How to Highlight AI in Your Marketing Efforts

You’ve added AI to your workflow and recognize that showing potential clients that you use these technologies is a benefit to them as well. Here’s how to highlight AI in your marketing efforts: 

Create Case Studies

Interview clients and ask them about their experiences with AI, focusing on how AI made the process more efficient and straightforward. You can create case studies for your website or email them in a newsletter. 

Show AI’s Impact Through Statistics

How much faster are you able to complete a case because of AI? How many updates do clients automatically receive from your AI tool when you work with them? Round up statistics that show the impact AI has on your firm and post them on your social media accounts. Knowing that a long and sometimes tedious process can be easier can help you paint your firm in a positive way. 

Highlight Social Proof 

Testimonials can help you attract other clients. Use quotes from your customer reviews on digital ads, social media and newsletters to help you find new clients. You can even use a tool like Noodle to help you collect this feedback in the first place.

Superpower Your Firm

Noodle has AI tools specifically meant to help lawyers save time and money and drive a better customer experience. Reach out today to take advantage of Noodle’s form and document management, invoice generator and 24/7 client support.