How AI Can Solve Immigration Lawyers’ Biggest Challenges

AI can complement the work that immigration lawyers do.

How AI Can Solve Immigration Lawyers’ Biggest Challenges

The Modern Law Firm series delves into how AI can streamline your law firm — whether it’s by saving you time and money, eliminating mistakes and redundancies or making your workflow more efficient. 

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The work of an immigration lawyer can be very rewarding—helping people navigate a complicated system can make you feel proud of the work you do. But at the same time, the system presents many challenges like time-consuming processes and staying organized. And that’s not even getting into the changes to immigration law that can upend cases.

While artificial intelligence cannot help lawyers on that front, it can help make their jobs simpler. Read on to learn how AI can tackle some of the biggest challenges that immigration lawyers face. 

5 Challenges that AI Can Solve for Immigration Lawyers

Artificial intelligence can help you create a more robust workflow and save lawyers, paralegals and other team members precious time. But it doesn’t stop at just that. 

Long work hours

Lawyers can have long work hours—especially if they’re juggling several cases at once. AI tools can free up some of your time by helping with document review, research, and initiating cases. At Noodle, for example, clients can sign into their accounts and start their cases on their own time, meaning you don’t have to meet to kick off the process. 


Errors can lead to serious consequences, like having to start the process over (which is time-consuming) or a case denial. AI can help eliminate errors that can easily happen to us as humans. 


Remaining organized can prove difficult. One small deviation from your normal routine can snowball into chaos. If you struggle with disorganization, AI can help keep you on task. Noodle, for example, provides a daily brief that essentially functions as a to-do list so that you don’t miss any pressing deadlines. 


Your clients may not always be available durin work hours. Therefore being flexible is important. AI can help keep the momentum going even after you have signed off—and no, you don’t need to return to your computer to help clients. With Noodle, you can leave them a list of tasks they need to complete. They can also send questions to you and get a response from the AI chatbot that can provide some direction until you are able to address their request or question fully. 

Client Relationships

Your clients may feel anxious as you work on their cases To help give them peace of mind, you need to be extra communicative. But this can be difficult for you and your team to accomplish as you juggle many tasks. This is the perfect place for AI to step in.

With Noodle, clients can receive a notification anytime there’s anything new with their cases. This can help ease their worries as they see that their lawyer is doing everything possible to move the case forward.