How Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Instill Trust in Clients

Building a good relationship with clients is paramount. Here's how you can accomplish it.

How Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Instill Trust in Clients

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As clients navigate their bankruptcy cases, they want to work with a lawyer whom they can fully trust. There may be things you are doing, even if subconsciously, that can make a client lose trust in you.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when working with clients—and how Noodle can help.

4 Ways You May Be Damaging Your Relationship With Your Bankruptcy Clients

Being busy and juggling several cases is good for business, but if you can’t make clients feel like they are a priority, it can breed distrust. Here are a few ways you can hurt your working relationship with your clients:

You’re Hard to Meet in Person

If a client can’t get a meeting with you, they might feel as though you don’t have time for them. And while you are busy with work, it’s important to be able to make time for your clients so they are getting the help they need.

You Take a Long Time to Respond to Them

If it consistently takes you time to respond to your clients, it may make them feel as though you do not have time for them or their case. It can also set a bad precedent. If they see you don’t respond quickly, they may also decide not to respond in a timely manner. 

You Don’t Communicate Enough

You don’t provide enough information about their case. That can make some clients feel anxious or unsure. 

You Don’t Lay Out the Process

If you don’t break down your processes, your clients may feel frustrated that they don’t know what comes next. It may also signal that you don’t have enough experience and are playing it by ear.

Handle Your Case Busywork With AI
Built for bankruptcy practices, Noodle automates away the repetitive admin work while you focus on the important stuff.

How Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Instill Trust in Clients

Here are a few ways you can instill trust in your clients:

You Have a Professional Website

First impressions matter, and your website might be the first thing a potential client learns about you. Your website should spell out your expertise and your approach to handling bankruptcy cases. 

You can use the Noodle widget on your website, which has a sleek, clean look, to facilitate communication with your clients on their individual dashboards. You can also forego a website altogether and use your Noodle account to work through cases with your clients. 

You Make Your Calendar Available

Even if you have little free time available, making your calendar available can make you more transparent with your clients. With Noodle, you can use the calendar feature to allow clients to book time with you—and they don’t even need to coordinate with you. 

You Empower Clients

Empowering clients can help them feel as if they have some control over their cases. With Noodle, after they sign a contract with you, they can also initiate their cases on their own schedules. This means even if it’s early on a weekend when they may have more time, they can make progress on their case. They don’t have to wait until Monday. 

You Lay Out Steps

Your clients should know exactly what to expect and a rough timeline of when things will come to pass. Noodle has a to-do list for clients which allows them to see what they will need to complete as part of their case. This helps them have a bigger picture idea of what paperwork they need to produce and how far they are from finishing. 

You Follow up Often 

Following up with clients often not only helps that you are making progress on your case but that you also care about the work you are doing for them. Establishing a good relationship with your clients is important because they can shape the perception others have of you. 

Noodle helps you do this by sending clients updates whenever there’s progress on their case or to remind them when they need to complete an action item. 

You Use AI to Help You Respond to Client Requests

It’s impossible to respond to clients at all hours of the day. But you can turn to Noodle’s AI assistant to help you respond to clients. It can offer general updates or let the client know that you will be in contact with them shortly.

You Have Positive Client Reviews

Positive client reviews, or social proof, shows that you are good at what you do. This can help you draw new clients. Noodle asks clients for feedback on your services after you work with them, so as you provide stellar service, you can start seeing a list of positive reviews. 

Handle Your Case Busywork With AI
Built for bankruptcy practices, Noodle automates away the repetitive admin work while you focus on the important stuff.