Empower Your Clients to Initiate Their Immigration Cases

Let your clients initiate their own cases and empower them in the process.

The Modern Law Firm series delves into how AI can streamline your law practice — whether it’s by saving you time and money, eliminating mistakes and redundancies or making your workflow more efficient.

Immigration lawyers have many responsibilities (that’s why it’s so important they remain organized), but there are a few things they can take off their plate — like letting their clients initiate their cases.

Benefits of Client-Driven Case Initiation

Noodle enables your clients to initiate their cases, which benefits both sides. 

For Clients

  1. They can do it on their own time.

If you agree to represent a client, you can encourage them to initiate their cases whenever they are ready. For example, if they have a busy work schedule, they don’t need to wait to coordinate with you. Instead, they can start filling out forms and contracts when they have time. 

  1. They will feel empowered.

Client-driven case initiation can make your clients feel empowered because it gives them more control, which is especially important during a process where many things are not in their power. This allows them to play a part in what can often be a long and cumbersome affair. 

  1. It’s convenient. 

With Noodle’s platform, clients can go to one place to initiate — and get details — on their case. That means they don’t have to check across different websites or platforms to know where they stand on their case. 

For Lawyers

  1. It saves you time.

Allowing clients to initiate their own cases means it’s one fewer task you have to take on. Also, Noodle will automatically trigger the next steps, so you don’t even have to send follow-up details, like a contract. 

  1. It keeps you organized.

Once a client initiates their case, Noodle adds them to your customer relation management (CRM) system, which will include all details of their case, meaning you will start off on the right foot from the very moment the client-lawyer relationship begins. 

  1. It’s a more efficient process.

This helps you eliminate some of the back-and-forth communication. For example, after a client decides to work with you, you would then send them a contract to sign. Noodle automatically does this for you. The case can move along even without you taking any steps. 

  1. You can host the flow on your website. 

Add the Noodle widget to your website and you can have this workflow ready for your clients right on your website. 

  1. But you don’t need a website. 

You may not have a website, and that’s OK. You can send them your Noodle One-Link so they can initiate their cases. 

What Happens After a Client Initiates Their Case? 

After they initiate their case, they receive a custom retainer agreement to sign. This will outline what services you provide. Depending on their case, they will have access to the documents they can fill out. 

Along the way, you and your clients will receive notifications on your case, so everyone can remain on the same page. 

Superpower Your Law Practice
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