Seamlessly Integrate Case Management and Client Portal With Noodle

Follow up with your client, keep tabs on a case and more with Noodle.

The Modern Law Firm series delves into how AI can streamline your law practice — whether it’s by saving you time and money, eliminating mistakes and redundancies or making your workflow more efficient.

As they work through their caseloads, lawyers must juggle several responsibilities simultaneously — for example, keeping track of every aspect of their clients’ cases, organizing all their paperwork and meeting deadlines. To help them do this, they will turn to different platforms, such as a case management system or client portal. But this means signing in to different accounts to make progress on your work, which isn’t very efficient.

There is a better way, however: Noodle’s integrated case management and client portal system.

Client portal

What Is Noodle’s Integrated Case Management and Client Portal?

A case management system and a client portal are both important platforms for lawyers. They allow attorneys to keep tabs on their cases and clients. However, having to sign in to different accounts means this information isn’t in one centralized location, and that can make things more complicated when working with collaborators. To solve this problem, Noodle offers an integrated portal for managing cases and clients through the use of AI. 

The portal has three different views: collaborator view, team member view and lawyer’s view. Lawyers, their clients and their collaborators simply sign in to the portal. The portal prompts clients to fill out necessary documents, reach out to their lawyer for any questions and pay their invoices. For lawyers, it means having everything in one place, making it easier to track every aspect of a case. 

Lawyer's view

Benefits of Noodle’s All-in-One System 

This integrated portal is beneficial to lawyers and their clients. 

1. It Looks Professional 

Whether you recently started a firm or you are 20 years into your career, it is important to look professional. It instills confidence in your clientele and can even help you attract new clients. 

2. It’s Collaborative

Every user who works on this platform has their own view. From there, they can leave comments or chat with other collaborators. Everyone working on a case will also receive notifications, so clients, lawyers and legal assistants are all on the same page. 

3. It Can Replace Extra Communication

Meetings can be time-consuming and sometimes unnecessary. (You have probably attended your fair share of  “This could have been an email” meetings.) Since you can leave comments and request more information or ask for clarification right on the platform, you don’t need to meet face-to-face or on the phone to ask for these details. 

4. You Can See Where You Are at a Glance

Since this integrated platform tracks everything in one place, you can go to a customer’s case and see what forms they completed, what information is missing and how much progress a client has made. You can also assign tasks from the portal. 

5. It Empowers Your Clients

A lot can be out of clients’ control as they go through the legal system. However, allowing them to work at their own pace and giving them up-to-date information can help them feel more empowered and informed. 

6. It Is Easy to Set Up

To set up the portal, add the Noodle widget to your website. All it takes is three lines of code. 

7. It Is Efficient

If you’re looking to grow your firm, you want to be as efficient as possible, especially if the goal is to take on new clients. Noodle’s integrated portal saves you time on tasks that can be automated, such as reaching out to clients to ask for more information. 

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