Noodle exists to help you grow your business.

Noodle exists to help you grow your business.

We’ve been there before, starting a company or a service, hustling to get your first customer and then crushing to keep them happy, not just once but many times over!

Scaling a business to the next level takes a lot of hours when you work alone - you have to put on different hats and each is an intense and necessary job. Nurturing new leads, customer support, invoicing and billing all continuously being juggled by one person while you also do the work.

We can’t invent hours in the day but we built Noodle to be your ultimate business assistant - one that works 24x7, and eliminates mundane tasks from your life. Noodle learns your business workflows and your business’ unique customer flow logic to serve your customers automatically and save you time & help you scale.

Noodle helps you build out your products and services, price them, market them and nurture every single lead - all from a unique and simple website that you can control from your Noodle app. You can see how your AI is doing in its interactions with your customers and take over any conversation you think is going sideways or that needs your personal touch.

Spend more time on things that can help your business scale to the next level and let Noodle handle repetitive tasks like scheduling, billing, invoicing, review collection, follow-ups and customer service.

As you scale revenue with Noodle today, you unlock lower fees. Over time however, we intend to provide every single solopreneur financial tools like credit cards that give cashback, health benefits that are on par with the best companies and end of year tax tools to make running your business easier and more rewarding.

We're working to build the best designed software and the most cutting edge AI imaginable all working hand in hand to help you grow.

Let's go build something great together!


Founder, CEO