Booking & Scheduling Sessions

Booking & Scheduling Sessions

If you spend loads of time messaging back and forth with clients to schedule in person or video call sessions with them, Noodle's free booking & scheduling tools can help reduce time and get more sessions on your calendar.

In-person bookings and payment collections are completely FREE on Noodle. Use our software to simplify your flow and spend the time saved growing your business. All bookings automatically get added to your calendar and your customers calendars via email. Open up shop today.

Booking & Scheduling


When you open your Noodle shop, we'll set you up with default service products for In Person Sessions and Online Video Calls. You'll get these ready-to-sell products with built in scheduling:

  • In Person Session: 60m Session, 30m Session
  • Live Online Session: 60m Session, 30m Session

Just set your availability, edit your pricing, share your Noodle shop with your customers, and let them decide how and when they’d like to work with you. We’ll notify you when a session is booked.

All your messaging in one place

Message with your customers from your Noodle dashboard. Share pre-session materials, post-session videos or pieces of content, and provide the best possible experience while keeping your text messages free and clear!

Accept secure payments

Noodle’s secure payments are a breeze - we accept all card types and even support Apple and Google pay.