How Noodle is helping people around the world earn a living with their knowledge


More than ever, people around the world are leveraging what they know to work for themselves. 'Solopreneurs', freelance workers, knowledge workers, coaches, and consultants are finding their way in a new world of online work - and Noodle is here to help take it one step further with a stack of tools to make it incredibly easy to create, manage, and grow an online knowledge business.

Noodle makes the day to day admin work a breeze with a beautifully designed knowledge shop and an easy to use dashboard to handle all of your messaging, scheduling, payments, invoicing, sales, marketing, and re-engagement - all mobile friendly and available for free to start in minutes.

Here’s a great mental model to think about starting and growing your business, and how Noodle can help:

The Solopreneur Revenue Funnel (Inspired by Justin Welsh @thejustinwelsh, Solopreneur on Twitter)

  1. Discovery - Short Form Content

Noodle works even if you're not on social media, but have an engaged client base. If you are currently using social media to promote your services, this bit is for you.

When you share a post to your hard earned followers, only a small fraction of them see your content. Monetizing on social media requires you to play the unique and ever-changing algorithm games of whichever platform you're on. The most successful solo workers are taking things off of social to build and monetize a network of their own.

Take Danny Maude for example. Danny's success as a beloved golf coach on YouTube has allowed him to create a thriving and lucrative community that he owns 100% on Noodle.

Opening up a Noodle shop is the perfect first step in moving a small percentage of your social followers or initial client base into a domain where you are in full control. With Noodle, you own your customer data, reach all of your customers with each Broadcast message, and have digital service products built into all of your messaging tools.

Trust: Newsletter/Podcast/Video

With Noodle, you collect customer data through broadcasts and when you collect payments. Members of your shop gain access to all your free Broadcast messages, and get notified via email with each new one (they can opt out anytime).

Unlike traditional email marketing, Broadcasts allow you to share videos, audio, or text messages that appear in a feed on your Noodle shop. Free and paid members can engage directly with public comments, and you can jump in with personalized responses.

On the Outside is a viral country band (+5M followers on TikTok) from Nashville currently using broadcasts to drive engagement and bring their audience back to their Noodle shop on a regular basis.

Relationship Building: Online Community

Driving engagement through Broadcasts and comments is a great way to develop a sense of community with your contacts in a space you own and moderate.

Your contacts and customers can comment on any piece of content you post, and share questions as video, audio or text. No trolls, no noise - all signal.

Mike Dolce, acclaimed UFC trainer and weight management coach who's worked with fighters like the legendary Rhonda Rousey, uses Noodle to host discussions with members of his inner circle, provide 1 on 1 consultations, and share hundreds of workouts & recipes.

Service Business: Advising/Consulting/Coaching

A great source of revenue for any entrepreneur, Advising + Consulting + Coaching is made super simple with Noodle.

Selling your services as chat, in person lessons, or online video calls is a breeze with Noodle. Noodle creates preset products for you, and all booking & scheduling is handled during the purchase. Just edit your offers, set your availability, and share your Noodle shop URL with your customers for them to book time with you.

Nathalie Filler Sheehan is using Noodle to coach her golf students around the world - with chat, live online video calls, and in person lessons sold through Noodle.

Digital Info Products: Digital/Courses/Subscriptions

Currently reserved for top tier Noodle experts; The ultimate form of scalable knowledge work, but the most difficult to get right. Digital content, courses, and subscriptions are a great way to create passive monthly recurring revenue for yourself - in the form of one off sales or monthly subscriptions.

Noodle Bytes are an amazingly simple way to grow your digital content revenue stream, one byte at a time. These lightweight, easy to create guides contain steps for you to share video, audio, or text in sequence. Great for simple lessons, or in-depth sequential programs.

Jordan Lawley is a enteratining basketball coach working with the stars you know and love, including NBA champ Klay Thompson. Jordan's informative Transformations programs are an incredible scalable way for Jordan to sell his knowledge and grow his passive income with Noodle Bytes.
Kaspar Thomas is a renowned physio using Bytes to scale his knowledge and share workouts with his clients who need a bit more guidance outside of in person or online sessions.

Open Your Noodle Shop today and send us a request for access to Bytes at!

If all of this isn't enough to get you going, another great part about working with Noodle is that you get access to a team of success agents that are standing by to help you build and strategize. If you need help getting started, or just need to brainstorm some ideas, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at