How Noodle Can Help Lawyers Generate Leads

If you want to generate leads, make sure your website is working for you. Here’s how Noodle can help.

How Noodle Can Help Lawyers Generate Leads

There are several strategies you can implement to generate leads, but your website should be doing some of the heavy lifting for you. Noodle — whether you use our widget on your website or the platform to replace a traditional website — can help you draw potential customers, especially if you run a law firm.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the method marketers and business owners use to attract potential clients. The goal is to eventually get them through the sales funnel by getting them to provide more information via a contact form, enter their email addresses for a newsletter or a similar action. 

A lead has interest in your company, but they may not be ready to make a purchase or enlist your services. 

How Can You Generate Leads

There are a wide range of ways that you can generate leads. Some examples include: 

Blog Posts

You can use blog posts to offer pertinent information to your audience. For example, if you run an immigration law firm, you can put together a useful post that breaks down the timeline for a specific kind of case. A potential lead might come across this post and feel inclined to learn more about your services because you gave them more clarity about their case. 

To make your blog posts even more impactful, use search engine optimization (SEO) to target the right keywords that can help you land on Google. 

Email Campaigns

You can ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter where you give them more insight into a topic or show them what your company accomplishes regularly. For example, if you run an immigration law firm, you can send out a monthly newsletter that talks about your successful cases. Perhaps you feature an interview with your clients and share feel-good stories that would make prospective customers confident that you can handle their cases. 


You can ask website visitors to provide their contact information and in return, you can give them a free ebook. For your immigration firm, for example, you can send an ebook that gives your best tips and tricks for studying for the citizenship test. 

Benefits of a Lead-Generation Website

On top of trying to engage followers through social media or via blog posts, you should prioritize a strong website for your generation strategy. Here's why: 

It's Efficient

If you already get a steady stream of traffic to your website but you don't have any calls to actions (CTAs) prompting visitors to sign up for a newsletter or to learn more, you're missing out on leads. 

It Works Well With Other Strategies

SEO or social media can drive traffic to your website, but you can use your website (such as the promise of an informative ebook) to turn visitors into leads. 

It's a Chance to Show Off

By optimizing your website for leads, you can show off what your business represents and what it does best. You can provide customer testimonials that show how you treat your clients or have visitors sign up for useful newsletters that detail your expertise in your field. 

How to Increase Leads With Noodle

You can use the Noodle widget on your website as a lead-generation tool. With the Noodle widget you can:

Encourage Visitors to Sign Up for Informational Sessions

With the Noodle widget, you can include your schedule on your website and allow visitors to sign up for a session. As an immigration lawyer, you may have a busy schedule of meetings with clients and court appointments. With the widget, you can provide different times you are available for informational sessions, like an intake, and eliminate back-and-forth conversations with potential clients. 

Have Noodle AI Assist Clients

You can have the Noodle AI interact with clients, fielding questions and providing actionable steps. This tool is available to clients at all times. 

Dazzle Potential Customers With Social Proof

Noodle collects reviews from clients, which you can use on your website as social proof. These reviews can speak to your expertise, professionalism and dedication, which can help persuade clients to enlist your services. 

How to Generate Leads Without a Website

Websites are useful to engage with your ideal customers, but with Noodle, you can choose to forego one. Noodle can replace a traditional website and can still help you generate leads with the scheduling feature, AI chatbot and client reviews.

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