How to Make Bankruptcy Filings Easier With AI

AI is streamlining the workflow process for bankruptcy lawyers. Learn how.

The Modern Law Firm series delves into how AI can streamline your law firm — whether it’s by saving you time and money, eliminating mistakes and redundancies or making your workflow more efficient. 

Artificial intelligence is a useful tool across many industries, including the world of law. For example, a legal professional working in immigration can use AI to help with research, summarization and form and document management. You can use it in other legal disciplines as well, including bankruptcy law. Learn more about how bankruptcy lawyers can put AI into practice. 

AI Advancements in Bankruptcy Law

Karim Guirguis, chief operating officer at the American Bankruptcy Institute best summed up lawyer’s relationship to AI: “Lawyers used to do work that robots could do [and bill for that work] — with AI, lawyers can do lawyer work and robots can do robot work.”

Integrating AI into your workflow means you have more time to handle legal matters and you can stop worrying about data entry and other repetitive tasks. 

While Reuters’ Practical Law journal warns bankruptcy lawyers to double-check their work and to expect wariness when adopting new technology (which is always the case, even with tools that are now commonplace), it mentions that AI tools can process “the vast amount of data” needed for cases, which can “drive better and more efficient outcomes for estates, creditors and other constituents in the bankruptcy process. We urge bankruptcy courts to encourage bankruptcy professionals to leverage big data and AI tools for the betterment of the industry and to have judges lead by example from the bench by using these tools themselves.” 

5 Ways AI Can Simplify Bankruptcy Filings

AI can make it easier to work on bankruptcy cases. Here are a few ways Noodle can make filings easier:

Uncomplicated Scheduling

Scheduling time with your clients is necessary. But if you (or your team) are reaching out to clients to schedule meetings and trying to find a date that works best for all parties involved, it’s taking time away from other responsibilities. AI can handle these tasks for you and free up your time.

Automatic Follow-ups

AI can also follow up with clients. It can send clients an alert whenever there’s progress on their cases. Noodle AI can also follow up on invoices, intake questionnaires and document requests. All of these keep both your practice and the case going forward, but they can take time to do, especially when you are juggling several clients at once or if you have to otherwise reach out to a client multiple times. 

Quick Responses

Noodle AI  can answer your clients' questions at any time of the day, meaning that they’ll get answers even when you’re off duty. 

Efficient Document Management

Noodle can store and manage case documents all in one place. This can keep you organized and you, your staff and your clients on the same page. Noodle can also reach out to your customers and ask for specific documents that you’ll need.

Large Volume of Cases

 Imagine having to reach out to each and every client when you need new information from them. You can easily introduce mistakes and lose track of things if you are taking on several cases at once, but Noodle keeps you organized. Noodle handles a large volume of cases, keeping up with you as you scale your firm. 

Superpower Your Immigration Firm

Noodle has AI tools specifically meant to help immigration lawyers save time and money and drive a better customer experience. Reach out today to take advantage of Noodle’s form and document management, invoice generator and 24/7 client support.