How to Automate Your Workflow as an Immigration Lawyer

There are tasks you can automate to make your immigration practice more efficient.

The Modern Law Firm series delves into how AI can streamline your law practice — whether it’s by saving you time and money, eliminating mistakes and redundancies or making your workflow more efficient.

Being hands-on as a business owner means you have a keen understanding of what it takes for your company to thrive. And while you may be able to complete every task to get your case to the finish line, you shouldn’t have to worry about every aspect — especially not when you can automate some of the responsibilities.

Immigration lawyers can turn to Noodle to help them with family-based green cards, labor certifications and H1-Bs. Learn more about the benefits of workflow automation and how Noodle can make it easier to file your applications.

Benefits of Workflow Automation

Automating your workflow can yield many benefits, including:

Eliminating Repetitive Tasks

Just because something is monotonous doesn’t mean it’s not important. By automating repetitive tasks you can eliminate spending time on those time-consuming tasks that need to get done. For example, sending updates to clients every time there’s an update or filling out forms with the same information over and over. 

Giving You More Time for Other Tasks

Automating your workflow means you are saving time. You no longer have to complete tasks that are necessary to your business but that can occupy chunks of your day. This means you now have time for other responsibilities. 

Saving Time and Money

By automating tasks, you are cutting down on inefficiencies. This means you don’t need to pay for someone to complete these jobs. Instead, they can focus on other tasks, which means you can get through more cases and you can better allocate resources. 

Cutting Down on Errors

Automating can cut down on various types of errors, including incorrect data entry and missed deadlines. People are prone to make errors in a way that automations do not. This can result in less time having to go back and fix mistakes.

Family-based Green Cards

You can automate this entire process with Noodle. You can use the form-filling function to input client information without risking making a mistake. You can also use Noodle’s custom retainer agreements and workflow variations for different family members, including a spouse, father, mother and child. There are also handy forms you can use to seek information from those affected by the case or checklists that can keep you on track.

And when you are ready to collect payment, you can have Noodle take care of it, too.

H-1B Petition Case

Noodle can also automate your entire H-1B petition. There are different automations you can customize to fit your workflow best. You can also use Noodle’s checklists and questionnaires to keep your case moving. AI can not only follow up with your clients but can also answer their questions when you’re not available.

Not only does this automating your workflow mean you don’t have to worry about these tasks, but it’s also useful for your clients. Their portal lays out what action items they need to complete, and it gives them an easy way to pay for lawyer fees and filing fees.

PWD & Labor Certification 

With Noodle, you can complete the entire PWD and labor certification process. You can automate form filling for employer information, employee questionnaires and more.

Not only does Noodle prompt clients to initiate their cases, which means you don’t have to call or email them to remind them to do so, but it also includes other triggers to remind them to complete other tasks. You can keep the cases moving without having to constantly reach out to your clients.

Superpower Your Immigration Firm
Noodle has AI tools specifically meant to help immigration lawyers save time and money and drive a better customer experience. Reach out today to take advantage of Noodle’s form and document management, invoice generator and 24/7 client support.